A Jewel among Us

Among the stones on the beach, there is always a unique shell...in the fields of endless grass there is always a yellow buttercup, in the mundane there is always a surprise.  This new collection was inspired by the notion that there is always sun where there are clouds, and to experience it one must wait.  Once again the lessons of nature are the most fortuitous.

The inherent strength is self evident. Look, feel, experience what appears to be heavy is light, what appears to be serious is fun, and what appears to be odd is exceptional.  Welcome to the world of Zia Maria!


When in doubt CREATE

There is no escape but through creativity.  I have absolutely no words for what I see happening in the world right now but I know one thing.  The only logic is in creation and the only peace in nature.  For this I am eternally grateful.  When I concentrate on being in nature and creating art only good comes forth...herein lies the lesson. 


Angkor Wat

A journey into land unknown has profound effect on the creative mind.  Cambodia was no exception.  If there was ever a time I felt out of my comfort zone but so entirely fascinated it was the month I spent trekking through the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.  This collection, named appropriately for the largest temple, Angkor Wat itself, was born from brutally high heat and humidity, an astounding realization that we are polluting the planet at an incomprehensible pace, and a new found appreciation for the Khmer people and their decendants.  Enjoy.


Pass me a JOINTed bracelet from ITALY!!!

HOBO or Parisian Chic...this is the piece that makes your white blouse and jeans turn the style corner..  Unique, hand made, stackable this bracelet is just a must have.


Look closely at the fine detail.  Each segment is layered with different colored resin and then carved to reveal the striations.  Accented with a Swarovski crystal here and there...

These will be available in two weeks, online.  Stores can request line sheets for April 15 delivery.  Stunning, original, CHRISTINA DEFALCO

NB: inspiration was the flower market in Ho Chi Minh City during the Lunar New Year 2017!


Modern Bakelite...in hand carved Italian Resin

Sometimes I look back at all the wonderful pieces I designed to see if there is anything worth bringing back.  These are from my first collection of CHRISTINA DEFALCO...and they are still in high demand.  I think because they are nostalgic..remind people of Bakelite.  The carving and the colors are just so brilliant that I thought I would do them again....

So here they are.  If you love them and want a special color, write a comment!  We are taking suggestions!

Sand meets Sea

As I sit on the beach here in Barcelona and watch the surf gradually eat away at the beach I see once again how my surroundings effect my art.  If I were only to see chaos, misery and pain I wonder what I would create....Nature is in front of us all.  Wake up and enjoy it...it may not be forever.  

Trending now…jewelry to match your Vespa

I want to talk about color.  Colorized jewelry is incredibly important to fashion because it can morph into the look.  You can go all natural, all blue, etc..be accessorized without altering the lines and flow of your outfit.  Or if you are completely nuts you match your jewelry to your shoes, bags and Vespa..!  Step out of the box and onto a scooter. Technicolor jewelry!


Luigi the Italian Grocer

You ask me where my inspiration originates…please…I never know.  All I know is that this morning I walked by the local little vegetable stand/store near my house and had a half hour discussion about the benefits of fennel and the superiority of Sicilian strawberries with Luigi.  All of a sudden the shapes and colors of vegetables turned into beads and jewels right before my eyes!  You cannot put a price on passion…when it emanates from someone it is contagious….and beauty evolves rapidly.

Note to self:  guys like Luigi don't know what Facebook is.  That half hour was probably the best half hour of the day.  DO IT MORE OFTEN


 ICE COFFEE, ICE SKATING……ICE MELTING…GLACIERS…I love all of these things.  The shape of ice and its ability to morph into water and back to ice, to change color, and to last for seconds or decades…to offer a surface for grace and movement and a surface to slide and crash…it is everything…beauty and danger.  It is what inspired this collection I call Dolomiti.  

Goodbye Glacier

Art of Embellishment

Listen…..fashion is mostly ridiculous….maybe that is why I love it.  What is decorative is rarely reality…but reality is rarely as entertaining…!  I am fascinated by embellishment.  Jewelry, bags, hair accessories, etc….that accent the form and draw attention.  There is always a story behind a statement necklace and I want to hear it.  If you would wear this…I want you to tell me why.