If you want to know about me you need only to see the list below and view my work. I am a creative with the ability to design and market commercially viable fashion accessories.  The markets I know best are the United States and Europe.  What I have done in the past is not as important to me as what I will do next.  The Italian couture resin jewelry you see here was truly inspired.  Every piece was envisioned and executed by myself and a team of Italian craftsmen.  Functional and beautiful.  This collection is sold in some of the best stores in the United States. 


20 years of luxury retail management and operation

8 years of retail ownership, two stores USA

15 years of fashion design

7 years of costume jewelry design in Italy 

Development and marketing of brand CHRISTINA DE FALCO.  wholesale web and retail

Extensive trade show experience as buyer and exhibitor NYC USA ENK SHOWS